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The Florida Keys, and particularly Key West, was one of the areas in the US worst affected by Hurricane Irma. At present, power and water are still down, fuel supplies are low and communications are patchy. However, we bring good news from our friends at Island House Hotel & Resort, Key West’s most famous gay resort. 

The following update was posted on the Island House Facebook page.

Dear Friends,

The last few days have been incredibly stressful, watching Hurricane Irma head for Key West. The hurricane has now gone past us, and we are starting to be able to assess damage and think about the future.

just heard (landline call from the phone room at Island House) from Julian Ward and Steve Silva. They are OK, and report that damage to the resort is ‘fixable’ There are several big trees down, including the big gumbo limbo and rubber tree next door to the resort. Fortunately they didn’t fall on anything.

Right now there is no water, electricity or cell phone service in Key West. Those will be fixed in the coming days. Also the airport needs to reopen as well as Route 1 to the mainland.

Not sure when we can reopen. That depends on when the authorities open the roads and the airport. And how soon we can do the clean up and repairs needed at the Island House. Hopefully, tho that will be by early next week.

Right now, we’re not able to answer the phones. Hopefully that will get fixed today so you can communicate with us.

As you will know, Island House is due to be hosting Key West Bear Weekend at the Island House Resort next month. We have been liaising closely with Jeff Smead their Marketing Director on this. He and his partner chose to remain in Key West during the hurricane and we are happy to say they are in good health.

We will be checking in with the team regularly and remain positive that the weekend will take place as planned.

It is important for communities hit by devastation to get back to normality as quickly as possible so they can feel that life as they knew it is returning, and we hope that our event will help them in this endeavour. Over the course of the Key West Bear Weekend, we will be raising money to help with the relief effort and more info will follow on that shortly.

More news on all this will be available shortly, in the meantime we ask you join us in sending positive thoughts to the people of Key West.

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