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New Zealand Awaits

Vacationer Staff
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New Zealand truly is a magical place. When you think of New Zealand, you might bring to mind the Maori people, the All Blacks rugby team (woof!) or the land of Hobbits! Those things are indeed true, but New Zealand is so much more than that.

It is truly majestic and rich in different cultures. It is also well known for its acceptance and diversity, New Zealand is rated one of the most inclusive and progressive gay-friendly travel destinations in the world by Lonely Planet.

We are delighted to introduce you to an amazing LGBT-owned travel company who will make sure you are truly looked after when you choose New Zealand as your next vacation destination.

‘New Zealand Awaits’ looks after every element of your visit. As an LGBT-owned company, they understand all the decisions and worries that go into every vacation.

As they say on their site, “We believe travel can be transformative with the right ingredients: exploration, excitement, awe, shared connections with both nature and local people, and time for contemplation and reflection. Authentic experiences that foster these elements not only enhance the lives of the traveler, but also the lives of people in the communities they visit. Let us connect you with our trusted locals, and see New Zealand as the locals do.”

New Zealand awaits can help you plan your own travel itinerary, or invites you to join its pre-planned tours full of handpicked activities.

How about this one…

North Island Kiwi Culture Tour

February 21 – March 4, 2018 (12 days)

“You’ve heard of our wonderful Kiwi Culture, now it’s time to experience it! This 12 day tour for LGBTQ travellers immerses you in everything Kiwi! Yes, we call ourselves Kiwis, after our indigenous kiwi bird, not the fruit! Join us and become a Kiwi for a while. You’ll get off the beaten tourist track, spend time with some of our favourite Kiwis, and explore a truly diverse range of experiences that we’re proud to say makes us Kiwis: learning Maori traditions and legends, savouring locally produced food and wine, sailing and swimming the local waters, dining with Kiwi farmers, viewing active geysers, meeting a real live kiwi (bird), exploring museums and galleries, and playing with some LGBTQ locals.”

Head over to for the full itinerary

Don’t forget, New Zealand Awaits can help you with every element of your travel and can make it as personal to you as you want.

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